Happy birthday to me! Time for celebrations and good times. The one day where I really feel loved by everyone! WOOOO!


30 Day Book Challenge: Day 8

Most Overrated book

I had such high expectations for this book after reading Breakfast of Champions but when it finally came down to it this book just lacked the wit and humor that i was expecting. It is still a good book but after i read it i came away very disappointed with the final result. It is a nice book to read with its easy reading style. This book may be some peoples favourite book but to me it just lacked that little bit extra.

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 7

Most underrated book

I really had no idea what to choose for this. I read this book along time ago. I think someone got it at a yard sale or something. It looks terrible by the cover and all but it was actually a pretty good read. It’s a murder mystery/horror. I actually finished it so its got that going for it.