30 Day Book Challenge: Day 18

A book that disappointed you

When I first started reading this book, it started out great. The writing style was amazing and the words just flowed as you read them. As I got further and further into the book I kept wondering when this book would actually start. The plot is thin and with the amount of characters that are thrown in, sometimes it is hard to understand what is actually happening. I have been reading this book for over a year now and I cannot finish it. The only time I pick it up to read is when I forget how boring each chapter actually is. The setup of the book is weird. Each chapter is named after a character in the book and in someway involves that character. So with that the story never really progresses and the backgrounds of each character just gets deeper and deeper. I hope that one day I will actually finish that book but until then this is one of the most disappointing books that I have read so far.


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