First Impressions

When I first saw her standing over that man’s body I was awestruck. I had no idea what she had done or what she was about to do. All I knew is that she looked at peace. As if a quaint melody were playing over in her mind and she closed her eyes and swayed gently to it. I stood in the nearby tree line as I watched her try to push his body into the river. I raced towards her to prevent what was happening in front of me but I was too late. He fell from the earth and plunged into an icy cold world. The river was fast and carried him away. I reached the woman and used both my hands to grab hold of her. I swung her around. Our bodies were close and her eyes weren’t open. There was no emotion covering her face. I stared intently at her magnificent visage waiting for her to waken from a daze. I imagined she was in shock and that fear had overcome her body. I shook her gently and called ‘Miss, Miss.’ She slowly opened her eyes as if for the first time. Like as if she were just being born and was being thrown into this horrible world. I asked her if she knew what had happened. She nodded her head and watched her feet. She mumbled something but her voice was inaudible over the swirling gale that passed this time of year. I lifted her chin up with my forefinger and held her there. She smiled softly and said, “I’m free.” I put my coat over her body and rushed her to my car.

I took her to my place. She had fallen asleep in the car ride over so I put her in my bed. A few hours later she woke up and called out. I went to her and she asked me where she was. I told her she was in my bedroom and she looked confused. I explained to her what happened. She said nothing as I retold the story. When I finished she asked for a cigarette and I gave her one. She then told me of what she had done. The man was her husband. According to her he used to beat her and she had had enough. She found a gun in his study and shot him. I asked her how she got the body into the car and she told me her housekeeper helped her. After a brief period of silence and deep thought I left the room and put on a pot of coffee. I heard water running and presumed she was taking a shower. That was fine with me and I tried to think of what to do next.

She came into the room wearing my bathrobe as the coffee peaked. I poured her a cup and we talked some more. We stayed away from the horrendous event that preceded and talked about each other. We ended up talking for several hours. Time had flown by and I still felt as if I didn’t know anything about her or why she killed her husband. She became scared and worried that the police were probably looking for her. The words that next came from my mouth surprised even me. I told her she could stay here for a while; until the search had died down. They would never find her since we weren’t connected or anything. I was even more surprised when she agreed with the proposition.

After a few days we became close. We decided the best thing to do was to leave this town. We were going to run away together. I had never done anything as crazy as this before but I loved her. I would do anything for her and running away together was as easy as getting up in the morning.  We left town and never looked back.


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