The Boy with Alzheimer’s Disease

When you’re a boy with Alzheimer’s disease, life can be pretty difficult. Well one would imagine anyway. But not for the boy who lived on 52nd street. No one knew that this boy had been bestowed with memory loss because it was never apparent. He seemed like your average kid, going to school, playing sports, growing up fast. It was discovered one afternoon when he had fallen out of a tree and landed on his head. His mother rushed the boy to the hospital. The boy had been given a CT scan and the doctors gave a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The doctors said that he was born with it and was not obtained after his head collided with the ground. His mother cried for days and his father still never came home. About a week after the diagnosis, his mother stopped crying. The boy was showing no signs of forgetfulness and she never noticed anything before the accident. His mother became very curious about him. She began testing him. She made him walk home from school without her assistance. She made him make his sandwiches every evening for school the next day. She even quizzed him on his homework every night before he would go to sleep. The boy’s mother could find nothing wrong with the boy. She became very worried again. She cried and stayed awake all night. Then one day the boy didn’t come home from school. Usually a child’s mother would become very upset when her child didn’t return from school but not the boy with Alzheimer’s mother. She was ecstatic. Finally some proof that this boy really was sick. He had forgotten how to get home! Soon after the boy’s disappearance his mother started to worry. She called the school and they explained that everyone had left. She called the boy’s best friend’s mother. He was not there. The boy’s mother began crying and laughing simultaneously. She was bereaved that her son had not returned from school but she was excited because he really did have Alzheimer’s. The boy’s mother sat at her kitchen table chain smoking throughout the afternoon. At around five pm the boy casually strolled through the kitchen door. He swung his book bag around the chair and kissed his mother on the cheek. His mother didn’t say a word and the boy ran into the living room and turned on the television. His mother got up from the table and sat next to the little boy. She sat there for about five minutes before asking the boy where he had been. The boy simply replied he was at soccer tryouts. His mother began bursting out in tears. She screamed and drooled and her mascara covered her face in black shadows. She ran to her room and cried for an hour. The boy didn’t move from the couch. After the boy’s mother had stopped crying she stormed down the stairs, grabbed the boys hand and pulled him outside and into the car. She drove ferociously to the hospital. At the hospital she demanded that they take a look at her son. The doctors reluctantly agreed and gave him another CT scan. This time the boy had developed traces of Parkinson’s disease. A doctor turned towards the mother and said simply, “Sorry it’s a new machine. We’re still working out the kinks.”


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