The Girl with the Yellow Ribbon

I’ve never been much of a fool around women. I am usually very calm and collected when it comes to approaching and articulating words into masterly crafted sentences. But when it came to the girl with the yellow ribbon, I was ineffectual. My mouth had become dry and speechless. My eyes could not land a gaze as they continued to dance away out of fear. My hands trembled at the very scent of her. Each passing movement was a sculpted work of art. Her intelligible grace swept the charm from under my feet. I was a mere duckling in a pond of siblings. She was a swan. I watched patiently throughout the night as each passing observer stopped dead in their tracks in order to lay their grotesque eyes upon her porcelain body. None of them had the courage to speak to her. She possessed a spirit that was beautiful but contained. She seemed lost and confused but always in control. She determined the night’s path. The girl with the yellow ribbon.

Later in the evening, I had forgotten about the girl with the yellow ribbon, which is a feat that not even a magician could conjure up. I had moved my sights onto less feasible accomplishments. I began striking out, my skills had been flushed and I was out of luck. The girl with the yellow ribbon had placed a curse upon me. I decided to disembark and head home. I lit up a cigarette and took a deep drag. The white smoke was chased down my throat by the cool night air. As I began exhaling, she appeared through what seemingly was mist. Her magnificent features struck a chord as she waltzed towards my stricken body. She came within inches of me and whispered into my ear. Her voice was sultry and pure. Her pronunciation slick. She asked for a cigarette. I fumbled the pack in my hands that were slowly melting. I managed to draw a white stick from the packaging and place it between her fingers. She slowly raised her hand to her mouth, never removing her gaze from my eyes. She waited patiently while I watched her. I realized what she was waiting for and pulled the lighter from my pocket. She drew her mouth closer to my hand as I flicked the wheel. A spark and a flame. Her mouth now inches to my hands. The flame struck the paper and combusted immediately. A bond was struck as we shared the flame. She drew back the smoke and backed away. I tried to speak as she exhaled. Words fell out of my mouth without sound. She smiled. Oh did she smile, her lips cracking her perfect skin. Forming a shape so defined. I tried again to speak but it was too late. She began walking away. I reached out for her. She slowly faded into the reappearing mist. I was left standing alone. She was gone. Nothing left but a fragrance. The girl with the yellow ribbon around her neck. The girl with the yellow ribbon.


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