A Serial Man

It had only been two weeks after new years and Darrell had already broken his new year’s resolution; not kill anyone. He made the promise to himself after seeing his little kill get killed in a horrific car accident. He was driving, unfortunately, when a transfer truck swerved over the double yellow line and collided with the rear panel of his Ford Taurus. The truck sent the car pirouetting towards the ditch before it collided with the guard rail. She died instantly and Darrell came away with a scratch. He couldn’t help but feel responsible for his daughter’s death. He decided that he needed to drastically change his life. Start all over again if possible. But this proved difficult for Darrell when only a fortnight later, he reverted back to his old ways.

Darrell was in his local grocer buying a carton of milk. Darrell loved to drink milk. He never drank carbonated drinks or any type of fruit juice. Always milk. He kept a rotational system in his fridge so that he never ran out. He would have two cartons in his fridge. When one ran out he would throw it out and move onto the next one. He would replace the empty carton with a fresh carton and continue doing this. This way there was always a carton of milk inside his refrigerator. When Darrell picked up the carton of milk, he could hear loud voices coming from the front of the store. Typically raised aggressive voices. He followed the voices and watched as the vendor and his customer argued over the price of beef jerky. Darrell thought this was a silly argument and that it had no value. Darrell approached the men and shook his head. The customer (flailing a piece of jerky) turned to Darrell and tried to involve him in the argument about the insane jerky prices. Darrel gave the man an inquisitive look and continued to shake his head. The customer started to feel the embarrassment creeping up the side of his face and his voice began lowering. He sat the jerky down on the counter and briskly exited the door with his dignity not far behind him. Darrell paid for the milk and left the store. He watched as the man climbed into the cab of his 18-wheeler. Darrell’s eyes flashed red and his face followed suit. He slammed his carton of milk to the ground where it exploded into a mass puddle of white blood. Darrell sprinted over to the truck and pulled the man to the ground. Darrell began pummelling his fists into the man’s face. Sprays of blood burst from his pores and newly opened splits in his cheeks. Darrell kept punching until the man’s eyelids closed over his eyes with bags of blood that forced them closed. With satisfaction, Darrell left the dead man and re-entered the grocery store. He bought a new carton of milk but as he walked to the counter, sirens began stirring the air and blue and red flashes danced over the shelves. The vendor had disappeared from behind the counter. A cop entered the store with his arms stiff and his gun pointing at Darrell. He followed the cop’s orders and was arrested without resisting. Darrell was sentenced to death for the murder of Henry Bright (the customer), Joel Flansky, Felicia Stone, and many others.

When asked what his last requests were, Darrell simply asked for a cold glass of milk and a picture of his daughter. They gave him milk.


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